Campus Ministry Team members have many opportunities to grow in their relationship with Christ and to share their faith with others through service and leadership roles.

The Campus Ministry Team is composed of 9-12 students who want to deepen the faith life of our school and grow in community with their peers. The students on the Campus Ministry Team seek to actively live out their Catholic faith and represent Jesus Christ both in and outside of the classroom. Our ultimate goal is that our team members would be “all-in” disciples of Jesus: knowing, loving, and serving God together, and helping each person in our school to do the same.

Prayer & Formation

Spiritual Mentorship: Each student on Campus Ministry meets on a regular basis with a trusted adult that can accompany them on their journey as a disciple of Jesus. Mentorship offers students the space to share their successes and challenges in their walk with Christ in a setting where they can be cared for and guided in an individualized way.

Team Retreat: At the beginning of each school year we kick off with a team retreat to provide an opportunity for spiritual formation, faith-based community, Sacraments, prayer, and fun. We also use this time to discuss goals for the year and start planning! 

Adoration: We start each bi-weekly meeting with ten minutes of silent prayer as a team in the chapel, and close by sharing intentions out loud, interceding for our school. Our members are encouraged and expected to visit the Adoration chapel often as individuals to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Team Mass: We go to Mass as a team each quarter.

Prayer Teams: Our members are taught how to pray with others so they can be available for prayer teams at a variety of retreats and events. This also helps them be more comfortable with praying with and for others organically within their friendships or families.

Evangelization & Service

School Mass Involvement: Campus Ministry students are given the opportunity to be an EMHC, Lector, Gift-Bearer, Greeter, Altar Server, or Sacristan. They are expected to serve in some capacity at our Masses according to their preference.

Ministry Events: Our campus ministry team plans Connected nights for the summer, our all-school faith rallies, and a multitude of prayer events before school in our chapel throughout the year. Past events have included leading rosaries, Divine Mercy Chaplets, praise and worship, or leading bible studies. Students are given the opportunity to be creative and implement new ideas that may bring their peers closer to Jesus. 

Retreat Leadership: Some retreats we host need upperclassmen involvement. This ranges from being a small group leader and leading games or activities, to giving a witness talk or being on a prayer or music team.

Team Service Project: Along with all other extracurricular activities, Campus Ministry participates in a minimum of one service project each year as a team.

Some opportunities I have been given as a student at Scotus are the ability to express my faith freely in school, and access to classes that prepare me for college. The faculty at Scotus all strive to make the transition to college and decision of a major stress free with the numerous of unique opportunities, as well.

-Mason Gonka, Senior, Scotus Central Catholic

I have received countless opportunities to better myself at Scotus through the teachers, academics, and other extracurriculars I am involved in. Through these, I have undertaken many leadership roles that will benefit me in the future as I go onto college and into the workforce. I know that I am speaking for everyone when I say that while you attend Scotus, there are high expectations for you. Teachers, coaches, and the administration all push you to be the very best version of yourself in every aspect of life. Because of Scotus, I was able to attend faith-related events such as Steubenville, JC Camp, Connected and GodTeens, which has changed my life for the better and gave me an appreciation for my faith that I would not have had otherwise.

-Sofia Karges, Junior, Scotus Central Catholic

I love St. Bonaventure because I get to learn about God and pray each day. I also get to make new friends!

-Dreya Fiala, 6th grade, St. Bonaventure Elementary

I love St. Anthony's Elementary because the students and staff are all welcoming and friendly. The teachers also push us to do the best we can on projects and assignments. We also learn about Jesus and our faith every day and go to Mass on Fridays.

-Rhegan Bowns, 6th Grade, St. Anthony's Elementary


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