2024 St. Bonaventure childcare summer camps

These Camps are designed to help students explore their love of learning in a variety of areas. Attending camp can give your child the chance to feel more confident and take greater risks once the school year resumes in fall. Instead of experiencing summer learning loss, students can retain and build upon their learning from the previous year. These camps are for Grade School age children going into grades 1-6 of the 2024/25 school year. Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Drozd, both certified teachers, will plan and teach the camps. Each camp is limited to 15 children. Paper enrollment or the online version are due with the fee by Tuesday, May 14. The online enrollment can be found on our website columbus-catholic.org. Click on St. Bonaventure School, the Preschool information tab, and the link is Grade School Camps.

If you are new to Brightwheel, you will have to create an account. You will be billed for the fee once your child has been admitted to the camp. If registering with paper you will get an invitation to Brightwheel, so we can share reminders, information, and pictures from the camp.


Themes for this years Camps are:

S.T.R.E.A.M: May 28-31 (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art & Math) This year we will be looking closer at motors and how they are used in technology today. Some options to explore will include building a vacuum cleaner, static mixer, and motorboat. We will also revisit computer coding, circuits, and chemical reactions. Religion will include looking at a new way to pray, coming closer to Jesus through meditation. Math games and Art options will also be offered to students to include a well-rounded choice for developing curious minds!

Everything a Child should know about the Bible: July 15-18  Topics we will cover this week will include:  How the Bible is designed, Who wrote the Bible, How Jesus comes to help us, How to live as a friend of Jesus, and What to expect when Jesus returns. Activities include reading and acting out Scripture, enjoying art and games, spending time in church for journaling and worshiping through song and dance together!

The fee for each camp is $110 and includes most materials. Each camp will run from 9:30AM-2:30PM each day. If there are extra fees or supplies needed we will inform parents the week before. Extra Days/Hours of Child Care may be added with permission from the director. Healthy sack lunches will need to be brought daily. You will receive an email the week or two before camp with reminders of what supplies need to be brought. If you enroll your child in both camps the enrollment fee can be brought/paid the first day of camp for the second camp. The minimum number is 7 per classroom. We will refund your fee if we do not meet enrollment minimums.

Contact Kim Kluever, kkluever@colcath.org or 402-564-9338 with any questions!

Some opportunities I have been given as a student at Scotus are the ability to express my faith freely in school, and access to classes that prepare me for college. The faculty at Scotus all strive to make the transition to college and decision of a major stress free with the numerous of unique opportunities, as well.

-Mason Gonka, Senior, Scotus Central Catholic

I have received countless opportunities to better myself at Scotus through the teachers, academics, and other extracurriculars I am involved in. Through these, I have undertaken many leadership roles that will benefit me in the future as I go onto college and into the workforce. I know that I am speaking for everyone when I say that while you attend Scotus, there are high expectations for you. Teachers, coaches, and the administration all push you to be the very best version of yourself in every aspect of life. Because of Scotus, I was able to attend faith-related events such as Steubenville, JC Camp, Connected and GodTeens, which has changed my life for the better and gave me an appreciation for my faith that I would not have had otherwise.

-Sofia Karges, Junior, Scotus Central Catholic

I love St. Bonaventure because I get to learn about God and pray each day. I also get to make new friends!

-Dreya Fiala, 6th grade, St. Bonaventure Elementary

I love St. Anthony's Elementary because the students and staff are all welcoming and friendly. The teachers also push us to do the best we can on projects and assignments. We also learn about Jesus and our faith every day and go to Mass on Fridays.

-Rhegan Bowns, 6th Grade, St. Anthony's Elementary


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