This year instead of class retreats, 10th and 11th grade students will be offered a range of retreat opportunities to choose from. Each student must attend one of the following retreats offered during the school year as part of fulfilling their Religion class requirements. To sign up for a retreat, fill out the Google registration form that corresponds with the retreat you’d like to attend. If you choose a retreat offered through the Archdiocese or the March for Life, you will need to complete additional registration forms provided at a later date. 

Note: Some retreats may have a max capacity and they are first come, first serve. If your first choice of retreat has already reached max capacity, you will be placed on a different one. We will do our best to prioritize your preferences.

Below is a list of retreats throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

TEC – March 16-18 (Saturday to Monday)

      • Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) is a three-day retreat for grades 10-12. TEC draws participants into the heart of the Catholic faith: Christ’s Paschal Mystery (His passion, death, and resurrection) lived out in the Church. The weekend helps youth relate this mystery to the concrete realities of their lives and challenges them to make a deeper commitment to Christ.  This retreat is offered through the Archdiocese and led by young adult volunteers. REGISTRATION IS DUE MARCH 8th
      • Location: Glad Tidings Bible Camp in Bloomfield, NE
      • To register, fill out this link, then complete the forms attached here and mail to the address indicated.

Lenten Retreat – Thursday, March 21

      • This retreat is designed to help students enter into Lent prayerfully and intentionally. We will visit the Cloisters on the Platte life-size Stations of the Cross, and have time throughout the day for prayer and silence. The day will also include faith related talks and small group discussions and activities. This retreat is recommended for students who already have a prayer life and desire to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. 
      • Location: Omaha
      • Registration Link

Quest – Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7

  • Quest is designed to aid maturing young Christians between that are freshman and sophomores. It is centered around the three circles of love. Love of Self. Love of Others. Love of God.
  • Tintern Retreat Center, Oakdale, Nebraska.
  • Cost is $50, due by March 1st.
  • Location: Tintern Retreat Center, Oakdale, Nebraska.
  • Please mail registration forms to…
    Chelsea Preister
    45349 Ann St.
    Cornlea, NE 68642
  • Registration Link
  • Contact: Gene Schumacher | Cell: 402-564-0258 |
Men’s retreat is Wednesday, April 17th
  • The young men’s retreat (for sophomores and juniors who selected it as their retreat requirement for the year) will be held at Camp Rivercrest in Fremont and involve a day full of team building, faith, challenges, and adventure. The retreat is designed to build up our young men through both experiences and talks on camaraderie, virtue, adventure, sacrifice, and authentic masculinity.

7th Grade Retreat –

  • The seventh grade retreat is designed to help orient the new seventh graders as they start their journey as a class together at Scotus. It offers the opportunity for building relationships among classmates, spending time with God, and connecting to/hearing from upperclassmen leaders that help with the day. The retreat is designed to focus on fellowship, faith, and fun! Seventh graders also participate in our junior high service day to live out Jesus’ call to love our neighbor and serve “the least of these” in our local community.
8th Grade Retreat-
  • Each eighth grader participates in a Confirmation retreat held by their parishes to help facilitate their preparation for the Sacrament. Eighth graders also participate in our junior high service day to live out Jesus’ call to love our neighbor and serve “the least of these” in our local community.

Freshmen Retreat-

  • The freshmen retreat is an opportunity for students to encounter Jesus through prayer, Sacraments, talks and small group discussions, the beauty of nature, and fellowship with their classmates. For a portion of the day, girls and guys are separated to do activities on friendship and living out our identity in Christ.
  • Location: Camp Moses Merrill

Senior Retreat –

  • The senior retreat is held within the first few weeks of school and allows the class to spend an intentional day together as they begin a year of many “lasts.” The day begins with Mass outside, followed by activities that help them reflect on their time at Scotus and how they desire to live moving forward. Students are given the afternoon to enjoy God’s creation and each other’s company doing outdoor recreation.
  • Location: Timberlake Ranch Camp

Service Retreat –

  • This retreat is designed to help students encounter Jesus through prayer and service to the poor. “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” It includes Mass, prayer time, and service to various organizations in the Omaha area. Students will get to submit their preferences on where they’d like to serve. We will start the day all together at Hope of the Poor, small groups will then head out to their assigned locations (with adults), and we will gather together again at the end for prayer and reflection. 

  • Location: Omaha

Some opportunities I have been given as a student at Scotus are the ability to express my faith freely in school, and access to classes that prepare me for college. The faculty at Scotus all strive to make the transition to college and decision of a major stress free with the numerous of unique opportunities, as well.

-Mason Gonka, Senior, Scotus Central Catholic

I have received countless opportunities to better myself at Scotus through the teachers, academics, and other extracurriculars I am involved in. Through these, I have undertaken many leadership roles that will benefit me in the future as I go onto college and into the workforce. I know that I am speaking for everyone when I say that while you attend Scotus, there are high expectations for you. Teachers, coaches, and the administration all push you to be the very best version of yourself in every aspect of life. Because of Scotus, I was able to attend faith-related events such as Steubenville, JC Camp, Connected and GodTeens, which has changed my life for the better and gave me an appreciation for my faith that I would not have had otherwise.

-Sofia Karges, Junior, Scotus Central Catholic

I love St. Bonaventure because I get to learn about God and pray each day. I also get to make new friends!

-Dreya Fiala, 6th grade, St. Bonaventure Elementary

I love St. Anthony's Elementary because the students and staff are all welcoming and friendly. The teachers also push us to do the best we can on projects and assignments. We also learn about Jesus and our faith every day and go to Mass on Fridays.

-Rhegan Bowns, 6th Grade, St. Anthony's Elementary


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